September 19, 2020

20 Predictions For The Future

May 12, 2017

The world is moving fast. Evolution seem to accelerate when awareness is created, so the world will be a little different in the future. But it might be sooner than we expect. We already are a step ahead when it comes to new technologies, but this is not the only thing that’s going to change. Social interactions will improve, language ...

Most AMAZING Skyscrapers In The World!

May 12, 2017

We’re fascinated by huge buildings and tall structures, especially if they show unique architectural features. These amazing skyscrapers have new impressive structure concepts that were essential in projecting such buildings. To create an amazing skyscraper, architects, engineers and designers had to put their best ideas together to make a fine masterpiece. Everything must be perfect: the finishes, the scenery, the ...

10 Most Unusual Smartphones

May 12, 2017

Technology is the thing that makes our eyes sparkle, despite the fact that it empties our pockets. Smartphones significantly evolved in the last years, but some companies want to make something different. Something that brings whole new ideas and concepts that should change the way we use smartphones. These products might not be perfect for the average consumer, but they ...

10 Useful Tips To Spot FAKE Products

May 11, 2017

We want to know what we buy, so we have to be very careful when we check the products. Paying attention to details can help you spot the fake products and choose the good, original ones. This way, we can enjoy a good value and a better quality product. The best part is that they won’t break as fast as ...

Proof of the Existence of God?

May 11, 2017

Science is making huge progresses lately, more and more discoveries are made every day. Things we didn’t believe possible proven to be true, impossible became possible. Scientists have different points of views regarding the origins of the universe, but there is more and more evidence that everything around us actually has a single starting point. The design of the universe ...