September 18, 2020

10 Smallest Countries In The World

May 11, 2017

These are the smallest countries in the world! Such small areas, you won’t believe it! Some of them don’t even have an army, but they have great economic importance for producing valuable, unique products that the rest of the countries need, or have important political connections with other states and can’t be dissolved. Most of them have high touristic potential ...

When The World Ends

May 11, 2017

The universe has a natural balance of all things and it is based by change. Our world changes and evolves naturally, no matter what we do, not to mention that in the last period of time, we managed to accelerate the change. But we’re doing it in an unnatural way, and that may cost our lives and everything we build. ...

10 Interesting Things About Common Objects

May 11, 2017

These are objects that all of us use all the time, some of them are part of our everyday life. But most of us don’t know everything about these objects and their proper use. They have special particularities that we tend to ignore or miss because we’re in a hurry all the time or just not paying attention. We tend ...

10 Phenomena Science Can’t Explain

May 11, 2017

The world is a beautiful, yet strange place that we live in. A vast variety of living creatures trying to get along with each other, that sometimes fight for common goods the earth has to give. So far, we tried to explain everything we can about nature and its rules, but unfortunately, that is not possible all the time. We ...

10 Ridiculously Expensive Boats

May 11, 2017

I don’t know why expensive boats are a symbol of wealth and riches, more than a car or a beautiful house. It’s like you can have anything, a huge yard, a big house, valuable assets and cars and a successful career, you are nothing if you don’t have a luxurious boat to brag about and show off in front of ...