October 25, 2020

BRILLIANT Robberies That Were Incredibly Smart!

May 10, 2017

These genius minds managed to pull off the greatest robberies in history! They had a flawless plan and thought about every possible thing that could go wrong, calculating everything to accomplish their goals. They knew exactly when, where and how to break in. Some robberies were planned years before the decisive moment, to build trust with the company or bank ...

Worst Engineering Disasters Of All Time!

May 10, 2017

A miscalculation can lead to serious trouble when it comes to engineering and big structures. If the people who project, build or verify the structures are not highly trained, tragedies can happen. Extraordinary ideas and designs may not be always the solution for having safe buildings or vehicles. Bold engineers and architects sometimes lose it and make a mess after ...

Most Amazing Spiders On Earth!

May 10, 2017

These spiders are probably the most unusual ones on Earth, at least as far as we know. They have very special methods of capturing the prey, of marking its territory or to keep predators away. They evolved this way so they can do their “job” better than their cousins from other species. Some spiders have very special patterns and colors ...

Amazing People with Unique Skin Color

May 10, 2017

These people have unique skin tones, so different, yet beautiful and amazing! Even they were bullied in childhood time (and still are in some cases) or judged, they became famous for their skin color. They appeared in various magazines, photograph collections of famous artists, they even participated in TV shows. Some of them started successful careers in modeling and became ...

10 Most Beautiful Horse Breeds

May 9, 2017

All horses are beautiful, but some breeds have some rare traits that make the horses look amazing. It’s not just about looks, anyway, it’s also about their gracious way of moving or performing, the way they are trained. Pure colors, rare pigment or hair type may be some of the things that differentiate these breeds from the common ones. Their ...