October 25, 2020

Modern Machines Handling and Transportation

Aug 10, 2017

Industry and the way we work changes all the time. From transportation to production and delivery, we need machines that can handle the work volume as good as possible. Even if the operators are experienced and skilled, without modern, capable machines, all the work will be done at a slower rate, maybe even at a lower quality. These machines are ...

35-Year-Old Big Fish Eating Banana and Bun

Aug 10, 2017

This fish won’t act like a regular one, if that’s what you expect. It’s rather like a house pet moving around, enjoying its treats and happily responding to its calling. This fish is really old, heavy and big, but that won’t stop him being the cutest thing you’ve seen today. Unlike other fish, this big guy has a thing for ...


Aug 10, 2017

Want a safer jack stand? Are you always worried about the stability of your car while on it? Someone actually thought about a safer jack stand. You won’t have to worry about your car falling off or moving. This stand is stable and also adjustable, if you want to lift your car higher or keep it in a lower position. ...

Catching a BIG FISH in the SEWER!

Jul 27, 2017

This man is trying to do something less usual! He has a strange idea about the fact that big fish can be found in the city sewer. He doesn’t waste the time and prepares himself to demonstrate its theory. He brings everything and starts fishing. After a while, guess what happens? His theory becomes true after he catches a big ...

Village Food – Three Boys Making Snake Soup

Jul 27, 2017

Did you ever imagine how a snake soup looks like or tastes like? Well, you can almost do that now. These boys are showing us how they make a traditional snake soup, how they clean it and prepare it. It may seem a little odd at first, but this is the process that will turn a snake into an actual ...