September 18, 2020

Quick Bird Trap With Paiute Deadfall

Jun 26, 2017

This is a quick bird trap using the Paiute deadfall. The purpose is entirely informative and meant to be used only for survival cases and extreme situations. It’s not for fun or experiments. This is a hunting method for some people and it’s the way they provide food. You can see there are many ways to set up a bird ...

Giant ship is going under the Lift Bridge in Duluth

Jun 26, 2017

Yes, we adore ships, especially big ships! Is there anyone who doesn’t? This vessel is going under a lift bridge, creating some fuss around the people that watch it pass. After the bridge lifted, this huge ship made its entrance in a gracious way, making people wave and enjoy this simple, yet beautiful moment. It’s something about bridges and ships ...

Somali Pirates Vs. Guards Confrontation

Jun 26, 2017

Protecting a ship this large is not an easy job! Especially when lives are put in danger. Not to mention other damage and material prejudice that come along with the attack. The guards are always with their eyes wide open, aware of the danger in every moment. They are prepared anytime to defend the ship and the crew, fighting back ...


Jun 26, 2017

If you visit tropical places, it will be an awesome experience. You’ll discover a whole new world with new rules. But this green paradise has its price. It is guarded by these tropical creatures that will do everything to protect themselves and their habitat. You can’t mess with the wild, otherwise you could pay a greater price than you expected, ...

Genius Man Catches Fish Using Plastic Pipe

Jun 26, 2017

These guys know how to catch fish in the most creative and smart way! With minimum costs, they make a little set up for the so-called trap, then leave to make another one in other spot. They choose spots wisely, prepare everything and then wait for the fish to pass by and get into the pipe. After waiting a few ...